I believe that the most important elements of your visit in Wroclaw is a confidence, enjoyment and satisfaction with the time spend here. That’s why I offer my care, assure comprehensive assistance based on trust and professionalism. I’m ready to describe to you our history and tradition, current situation, character of the nation from a Polish point of view. We can feel unique atmosphere, try our cuisine, find magic places where are not in guide books.

Dear Visitor,
– join me and travel through past centuries visiting monuments, museums, modern places, green areas along the Odra River;
– compare Wrocław with other places and understand why I have chosen it as my place to live;
– taste Polish cuisine in hidden places, where local people go to spend their time eating, drinking and relaxing;
– discover the dwarves’ world when wandering secret paths which I can reveal to you, only.

I can meet you in  any convenient place including your hotel.

Special offer!  Happy Hours!
3 hours tour = 200 zlotys per group
e.g. 10 people = 20 zlotys each