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17 kwietnia 2013
„To nie jest piosenka o miłości…”
18 kwietnia 2013

Wrocław for foreigners


Infolink is the information point for foreigners in Wrocław. It has been launched on 4th of April and welcomes all those in need of assistance. The information about legal matters as well as everyay life is also available online on infolink.wroclaw.pl

The main idea behind Infolink is to provide support for foreigners, who may encounter many difficulties connected with legal matters or simply the language barrier which can complicate their everyday life in Wrocław, The newly launched information point aims to answer those difficulties. It helps the non-Polish speakers to deal with procedures neccessary to legalise their stay in Wrocław as well as everyday matters settled in Polish offices and institutions.

Infolink office is situated on pl. Dominikański 6. It’s open from Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. An English speaking person is available to assist visitors. Foreigners can get information about issues concerning life in Wrocław, eg. Residence Card, registered stay in Poland, visas, renting an appartment, city transportation, education, health care or safety. The assistants also help with filling out the documents and may accompany visitora to the offices while dealing with the aforementioned matters.

And because legal issues aren’t the only thing in Wrocław, visitors may also get information about free time activities available in Wrocław and the area, eg. historical monuments, cinemas, theatres offering plays in langages other than Polish, music events and sports.

Infolink also provides legal and psychologican counselling in English (an appointment has to be made via email or telephone).

All the information can be also accessed online wia infolink.wrocaw.pl. It is available in Polish and English.

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